Apartment Iguana

From the first glance of this apartment, it is clear why we call it the “Apartment of the Iguana”. The pet is an iguana and its “home” is of the highlights of this apartment. The client came with specific requirements – the wood in the interior to be wenge, to have a visual connection between the bedroom and the bathroom, and last but not least – his pet to have a noticeable place to live. The owner wished to have a modern, elegantly design home with a “male sound” to it, and on a minimum area to have maximum functions.

The interest in this apartment comes not only from its unusual occupant. The relax area with its big pillows and upholstered chairs together with the milky colour of the fabrics soften the straightness and sharpness of the rest of the elements in the interior. The lighting, distributed on different levels, creates an interesting atmosphere with its variations. The structural columns are sculptured decoratively and have niches with hidden lighting.