Apartment “Knyaz Boris”

This three-bedroom apartment is created to fit the needs of an airbnb. The desired effect is of a modern home offering all the comforts of living but also suitable for short-term as well as foreign visitors (it has universal and USB contacts). In colours the apartment is set to soft and warm shades, with an emphasis on the lighter pink and rich dark blue. The interior is simple, with some classic elements – the detail on the doors, the unobtrusive presence of copper in the lighting fixtures.

An emphasis in the common area is the dividing wall which plays the role of a separator of the function of the kitchen and dining room and the living room with the TV. This makes it possible for the living room with its sofa bed and sliding doors, to convert into a fourth bedroom, unconcerned by the occupants of the kitchen area. A distinctive feature of this apartment is the presence of a wardrobe room in every bedroom, as well as a dressing table that can serve as a workplace.

The project is important for us as it was the starting point of a fruitful cooperation with the Client, and in addition he commissioned us the renovation of five more apartments.