Community/Cultural center Obrochishte

We had complete freedom in designing this community center. The main idea of the project is to represent a cultural and spiritual center that combines in one tourist attraction, Orthodox church and monument. The shape of the building follows its function. It is a space developed in a logical order of different functional units, the dominant one being a multifunctional hall. The displacement of the terrain is put in use and the structures “crawl” on it.

Talking about the style, from architectural point of view, a gesture to the has been made. The project is our contemporary vision of ancient architecture recreated through the colonnade and the water accent. The different paths to access the community center are designed so that they can present a longer path with various views of the building. Thus, a kind of experience is provided even before entering.

The project is important for us because the cultural presence in smaller villages has been often neglected recently. An interesting fact is that since 1989 no new community center has been designed.