Hotel Complex Elitsa (conceptual design)

The work on this project includes many challenges. The building itself is in the typical for Albena style of white architecture, panel construction on the sand itself and is more than 40 years old. The main objective of the conceptual design is to increase the categorization of the hotel. Bearing in mind the construction which is panels that are not subject of change, expansion of the axes is impossible. The required area according to the categorization of the hotel is accomplished by extending and zoning the hotel rooms and opening the bathroom area to the rest of the room. Furthermore, a new building structure with high end rooms has been developed – 8 rooms with large area and direct access to an infinity pool. The spotlight of the project lies on the connecting structure between the old and new buildings – the lobby which offers direct visual contact with the sea. Its floor-plan answers to the current tendency of the overflow of the spaces of the restaurant, lobby bar and rest areas.

This project is of particular importance for us as it is with a long-term partner and we have also worked on this particular hotel in the past years. The young team of the studio also participated actively which once more underlines the continuity in the work on this project.