House Rogachevo

This project is distinguished with several specific elements. The leveling of the terrain is used to the maximum so that the building is positioned in a way that it has the best panorama of the sea. In the house the levels are switched – the bedrooms are on the lower floor, with direct access to the garden, while the living area with kitchen and dining room is upstairs, with an entrance from the street. The desired result was for the facade from the street to be as simple and plain as possible, unlike the facade facing the sea. Distinctive are the so called “fins”  – plastic elements that make the architecture more dynamic but also have a structural function (visible buttresses from the earth’s slope pressure) and a sun-protection one (to protect the facade from the southern sun).

In this single family house you can see the implementation of white maritime architecture with seeking the best orientation and sea views. The desired result is a luxury summer house with high standard of living. It was a good experience for us since we were given the complete freedom as architects and there was no intervention or changes from the Client.

Р: На български хубаво го наричаме “перка”, ама… Ако му измислиш по-добро име, сменяй.