IT centre

The purpose of this project was to transform the building of an old school into a high-end modern office building. It was a challenge due to the fixed structure layout of the building. This particularly led to large unused spaces in the communication areas (the corridors). This is where good interior and design skills played their role. The common areas were “softened” and thus “entered” light. The final result – soft, curved line of glass bricks. This is one of the first projects in Bulgaria that demonstrates their versatile use in the interior. This curved line created both an unique atmosphere and seating areas in the shallow apses.

This project is an example for a Client who fully demonstrated his respect for the artist-architect. The development of the interior design led to the development of a total design – designing and selecting not only the furniture but all the rest of the elements involved in the overall decoration and interior, such as garbage bins, hangers, kitchenware and even the colours of the folder files.