The Key of Sofia

The main idea behind this project is to create a sculpture to welcome Sofia’s visitors, who enter the capital from the airport. Also, to use the site for official ceremonies to award honorary citizens of the capital with “The Key of Sofia” as there is a symbolical aspect behind this act. There is an old saying that if a person gives the key to their home to somebody, this means that he/she trusts them completely. Unfortunately, due to changing circumstances, the second landmark of Sofia remains unfinished.

From sculptural and three-dimensional point of view the project demonstrates a sense of form and detail. The circle is a perfect and infinite shape without an orientation. In this specific case, however, it also delicately works as a compass. The Key of Sofia is a significant project for the architectural team not only because it is the design of a Sofia’s landmark, but also because it is an example of multidisciplinary cooperation between artists – an architect and a sculptor, both highly valued professionals in different fields of art.