Union of Bulgarian Artists

The presented project is a competition project for the building of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. It is well known for the neighbourhood and the city and has not changed its function and appearance throughout the years thus leaving a permanent mark in the minds of the artists and the public with its architectural image. It is for this reason that in the project the intervention on the facades is simple both as a plastic solution and as used materials.

The design was approached with understanding and professional knowledge of the existing structure – columns, beams, floor panels and suspended facade of reinforced concrete panels. The result is rearrangement of the floors and skillful and delicate facade layout with replacement of the windows and interlacing of decorative lightning. The principle of accessible environment is implemented throughout the building.

The addition to the facade layout is expressed with a new element – a metal space-bar structure which emphasizes the angular entry into the building, which is its main entrance. The end result is a contemporary feel (with new materials and technologies) without breaking down the existing elements of the building.